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How to deal with the travel anxiety of your pet

Let's examine some of the various modes of transportation and the corresponding advice that pet parents may employ to make their pets more comfortable throughout the trip.

How to create a happy and safe home environment for pets

Your furry friends need space designed to suit their needs. Experts suggest how to go about it

Tips for Caring for Your Pet Bird

Birds are extremely social and thrive on company, nurturing and regular interaction. If you are considering becoming a bird parent, here are some tips on how you can care for your pet bird.

Ways To Keep Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture.

If you have a cat you already know the struggle, our little feline friends love to scratch our furniture. Here are a few methods you can use to stop your cat from scratching your furniture.

Tips to keep your pets and strays safe & stress-free during festive season

Here are some valuable tips to help your four-legged friends to feel safe & stress-free this Diwali.

Is My Cat Happy?

Like any other animal, cats experience the full range of emotions. However, they do not wear their emotions on their sleeves and with a little careful observation of their body language and practice, you will be able to tell if your cat is happy and enjoying life.