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Common Signs of Stress in Dogs and Cats

Stress in our fur friends are way more common than we think. At times the signs are so subtle we miss out on noticing them. Occasionally stressed pet can show signs of disinterest or aggression. Hence, it is important to know the signs of stress in your pets and how you can help them

Pet fashion: Smart ways to accessorise your pet

Devanshi Shah, Pet expert and Founder of PetKonnect talks about some cool accessories for your pet.

National Nutrition Week 2022: Superfoods you must add to your pet's diet

Boost your pet's immunity with these amazing superfoods that can also help your feline or canine companion stay active and disease-free.

Just became a Pet Parent? Here’s how you can Pet-Proof your Apartment.

Little pups, kittens and other animals are similar to having a child, so you must pet-proof your house in a way you would for human children.

How to get rid of Stinky Pet Odor

At times your beloved cat or dog really stinks up the house, but there are a few easy ways to eliminate the odor. So here’s a guide to keep your home fresh year-around!

How can pets have a positive impact on your kid’s upbringing? Know how to build a bond between them

Many online videos and images testify that children adore dogs and other pets. However, if you have a pet and a new family member, you should take special care to ensure that the two are perfectly bonded.