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Puppy Teething Guide: Tips to Survive the Teething Stage.

Your puppy’s teething stage is no picnic for you or for them. As their teeth move, fall and move again they lead to discomfort & pain that can lead to some unhealthy and destructive behaviours.

GenZ and millennials are stiffening competition among pet-care brands

Taking care of a pet is a full-time activity and, therefore, all brands operating in this segment should think of marketing activities which can cover all aspects of a pet’s life.

What's the best fit for pet-care brands' social media handles - GenZ and millennial pet-fluencers or wholesome content?

Pet-care brands in the country today are aiming to provide a one-stop solution for modern-day pet parents.

Is your dog losing too much hair? Experts on possible causes

Hair loss is very common in dogs and cats but too much of it must not be ignored. Here are common causes of hair loss in dogs.