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Common Diseases and Disorders in Hamsters

Seeing our pet hamster sick is a difficult sight, but most of the hamster health issues are curable if caught in time. Here are some common health diseases in hamsters:

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Foaming at the Mouth

There are several reasons why your cat is foaming at the mouth which can range from a normal body function with a minimal cause to some serious life threatening diseases. Here are some reasons your cat is foaming at the mouth.

Winter Care Tips for Pets

The time between December to February is extremely cold, not just for us humans but also for our beloved pets. Here are a few things you can do to take extra care of our furr-babies during cold winter days.

Crate training a senior dog? Here are some tips and benefits

Crate training is not just meant for puppies. Adult and older dogs can also be crate trained and there are many reasons to do so. From housetraining to travel, with time & patience, crate training can make a big difference for both you and your pet.

7 Essential Commands your Dog needs to know!

There are 7 basic commands any dog should know and follow. They are the commands that people use with their pets on a regular basis. With daily practice, your pet can master these core skills in just a week or two.

Tips on improving your Dog’s Dental Health

Dental care can be a hassle to both humans and their pets, but proper maintenance can be a lifesaver in a long term. Here are a few ways you can improve your dog’s dental health: