Pet Care Tips for Monsoon Season!

Following the heat waves in the summer season, the first rain cools down the ground. This season brings relief not just to us but to our pets as well. However, in this season your pet needs more attention and care especially of their coat, skin and paws as these are the easy areas that can contact germs and infection.

Certain precautions that will help prevent the risk of waterborne diseases:

  1. Keep your pet’s paws and coat dry: In this season, your canines are exposed to moisture and that can easily cause the inflammation of the paw skin. This can happen if the paws are left wet for a longer time. They should be cleaned with bloating paper again and again to keep them dry. Also, the coat should also be kept dry to avoid unnecessary odour from it due to the dampness.
  2. Keep them away from puddles or dirty water: They can get infections from contaminated or stagnant water. So, while walking your pet be careful of the puddles in the way. Even consumption of this water can lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain or loss of appetite etc. If you see such signs consult your vet immediately.
  3. Clean their ears regularly: You can clean your pet’s ears to keep them dry if any water has entered it and also to avoid any kind of ear infection.
  4. Keep your pets away from frogs and lizards: Keep an eye on the road while walking your pet in this season as various reptiles crawl out and can bite your pooch. They can be extremely toxic and poisonous.
  5. Keep them safe from ticks and fleas: This is a breeding season for ticks, which can cause infections and can cause your pet to fall ill. Give your pet an anti-tick shampoo bath and use tick collars. Consult your vet before using any products on your pet.

By PetKonnect    |   12th June 2020