Getting Pets Winter Ready

The tropical climate of our country is far fetched more exhaustive than our opposite neighbours. Our four legged furry friends too have to bear with the extremities of climate that our nation witnesses. Talking of the extremities, the autumn is nearing its end and the chilly winter is about to make us cold (like literally!).

So here are a few tips and tricks that will help your little feline pals and pooches warm up and combat the season’s greeting sans any illness.

Dry Bed - The cold floor of your apartment is a terrible idea for your beloved pet's sleep spot. A cosy little bed with a blanket and pillow is all what your pet requires to be warm during cold winter nights. Perhaps, even changing their usual spot to accustom to the changing indoor temperature is a good way

Warm Clothes - Just like we humans cover up in warm woolen clothes during winters, our pets too require a change in their closet. Since li’l pups have less  body mass for heat generation, they often benefit from doggy sweater when going outdoors.

Fur’s the way - Even as an overprotective pet owner, it is crucial for your pet’s growth to get immune to outside weather. Hence, letting it gradually adjust to the chilly winds is important. As this helps its fur to grow thicker,keeping it warm. However, make sure to get them back inside the house shortly since indoor pets are not well equipped to spend time outside.

Shielding the Skin and Paws - Keeping track of their paws is especially important during winters. Check for any signs of cold-weather injury or damage like cracked paw pads or bleeding is very important. As these injuries can cause tremendous pain making it difficult for them to walk. 

Contemplate the problems - As a pet owner  it is vital to understand the cause or problem that creates unusual behaviour in your pets. If the pet is shivering, whining, seems week or starts looking for warm places to burrow, get them back inside quickly because they are showing signs of hypothermia. In case you are suspecting that to be the case, it is best to see a veterinarian soon.

Keep away cold water or food - This is an important practice. Only give room temperature water and warm food to your pets. Cold water and food during the harsh winter can make them fall sick and catch a cold.

By PetKonnect    |   24th September 2019