Do’s And Don’ts - Home Grooming Tips for Your Pets

Grooming is very essential to maintain physical hygiene of your pets.  Keeping them clean basically means that your surroundings remain clean. It is a very important part of your pet’s general healthcare and hygiene.


1. Brush them regularly. It will help to remove knots and dead skin from their coats.

2. Give your pet a face massage. It helps them relax.

3. Give your pet a shampoo bath twice a month. You can also use lukewarm water to give them a non-shampoo bath once a week.

4. Clean their ears regularly.

5. Clean their paws properly after a walk, as that area is the most prone to infections.


1. Do not pull out the knots from your pets coats rigorously, as it might result in the development of boils or redness causing them irritation.

2. Do not use human shampoo to give your pets a bath. Use only dog shampoos.

3. Do not rush into things: Do not be eager to brush their coat, give the pets a chance to be comfortable.

4. While clipping their nails, it’s better to seek an opinion from a vet, if not done with care, might cause them an injury or bleeding.

5. Do not shave their fur completely, as it helps them to protect their skin from direct heat.

By PetKonnect    |   04th May 2020