Did you know a Squirrel can....

Belonging to the Mammalia family, a squirrel’s lifespan is 13-20 years. These tiny beings can survive on nuts, seeds, vegetable matter, fruit, insects, eggs, snakes, birds amongst others food articles.

According to a recent study by www.squirrelsatthefeeder.com , there are about 289 species of squirrels in the world. Following the occasion of Squirrel Appreciation Day, here are a few lesser known facts about squirrels:-

  • Ranging from the smallest to the largest squirrel amongst the 289 species, the African pygmy is classified as the tiniest. The tiniest is as small as 10cm. On the other hand the largest squirrel is about 3 feet long called the Indian Giant squirrel.
  • While humans communicate through words and actions, squirrels prefer using their tails to signal and alert other squirrels in danger.  Other modes of communication include various types of body language, scent, and vocalization like nesting, mating, aggressive, and warning calls.
  • When a squirrel is stationed in a particular position without any movement, it means that the creature is in a fearful state. Other symptoms of a squirrel feeling scared include climbing up a tree or circling itself to the trunk or bark of the tree.
  • A squirrel can run up to 20 Miles Per Hour, which is 10 miles per hour less than the speed of a leopard.
  • The diminutive mammals are extremely intelligent. They trick the crooks by the display of fake burials. Also, during the cold winters, squirrels stash nuts and seeds at locations closer to their homes and avoid any travel that’s far away.
  • Aside from the ground squirrels, gliding or flying squirrels species also coexist in the ecosystem. There are currently 44 in number. These squirrels use a membrane that stretches from their wrists to their ankles to glide across paths.

By PetKonnect    |   03rd February 2020