Celebrating Friendship Day With Fabulous Pet Parents

Vir Singh Brar

My name is Vir Singh Brar and I live on a farm in Ghitorni with 6 dogs. A 10 yr old German Shepherd, a 4 yr old female Tibetan Mastiff, and 2 of their 2 yr old male half German Shepherd, half Tibetan Mastiffs, and 10 yr old male Indie and his six yr old daughter.
I had an accident in Goa in January and couldn’t fly home to Delhi but managed to home just before the lockdown. I stay alone and my family stay in various parts of the world and are rarely around so my dogs are my family. I know I am writing this for friendships day but the dogs are more like my children, and are most definitely my family. I stay by myself so I’m sure in the area I stay they probably take more care of me than I do of them. Having them around helps me mentally too. There is nothing more relaxing and fulfilling than a relationship you can have with your dog/s. I am very grateful to have had this undivided time at home with them.
I have been working on training my two younger males and taking care of my German Shepherd who is has started looking his age and has trouble with his hind legs due to age. This lockdown is the first time I really realized that he appears to be an old dog and he’s not going to be around forever. Anyone who really knows me knows Yogi, and the bond I have with him and how much like a person he is. Since then I had been spending quality time with him as the average life of a German Shepherd is 10 so now I consider every year of his life a blessing.
My dogs have kept me sane and safe during the lockdown and on this friendships day I would like to thank my furry friends for being in my reality.

Viraj Mohan

Hi , my name is Viraj Mohan and I have an English cocker spaniel called Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau, in short Clouseau.
He’s been quite excited about the fact that the whole family is at home all day every day. But for me it’s a big stress buster to have him around poking and inspecting everything around us. It’s been a bit difficult to constantly keep working and staying at home but having chief around makes you think , all is well :)
He’s a spoilt brat and doesn’t play well with other dogs (sounds a bit like me ). All you have to do is show him some affection and he’s your homie for life .
Lucky to have a bud like chief with me during these hectic times . Stay safe and stay home

Ayesha Matharu

My dog is literally my entire world. So the pandemic has been a boon of sorts for me. I missed out on spending time with Darth, better known as Puppet, due to work constraints. So being able to spend 24 hours a day together has been nothing short of wonderful. Sadly, with lockdown, there has been a spike in cases of people abandoning their pets. I volunteer at a local shelter and being home 24/7 has allowed me to also open my home to foster dogs in need while we search for the best forever homes for them. Darth has been having a hard time with the fostering, he has single child syndrome and refuses to sleep away from his mother (me!). But he has made the effort to put his best foot forward here as well. He shows me every day how to be resilient and to be welcoming, no matter how grudgingly, to anyone in need!

Shardul Mehta

Hi. This is shardul,
I’m the proud caretaker of 4 dogs(2 rescues), 2 of them(gsd’s pups) arrived at my doorstep within the first few days of lockdown 1 in delhi.
It’s been trying times for everyone, for me though, raising these two new rowdy siblings has been a welcome distraction.
We had a 5th (brown lab) by the name of “Augustus brown”. He passed away in the middle of July. And I really do feel I lost something close to a son. Taking care of the other four and making sure they’re safe and healthy is about as nice as a lockdown at home can be and a source of some comfort after losing one.
All of them are part of my family.
And I do enjoy the 6am wake up calls of two crazy German Shepard’s ransacking my bed to make sure I’m awake. Keeps me pretty productive ?.

Zain Khan

I have 2 babies - a 2 year old ginger male tabby named imli, and a year younger, his adopted sister and best friend fauna. 
Lockdown  left me and them on different sides of a sealed border.
It was a painful 10 days before i got a curfew pass and managed to get my upset and dehydrated babies back. 
They thought id left them forever, and it showed.. As days passed, and they gained back their weight, Fauna, i realised, had managed a "night out" with her ball headed yet rather handsome cross-border boyfriend - was now carrying kittens.
After facing the shock of my knocked-up teenagerish daughter, yet overcome with her appeals for affection, started the process of tending to mommy to be... And before i knew it, i was helping her through 2 hours of labour… and now, together, Fauna and I, well... We're figuring it out. As recent pain of a deep relationship faded from my mind, fauna decided i was adept enough, and occassionally mews and makes me follow her to her "nest" before running outdoors for some play time... And i sit, with four little toothless furry balls, in my hands till mommy returns. 
And when faunas tired and they're squealing, a soothing call from me just quitens them down almost unbelievably… giving fauna her break to come for her nap next to her "person"... making sure im with her in this..."I am my baby... Always and forever"

By PetKonnect    |   29th July 2020