Need Ambulance Assistance?

Help a Stray?

Mishaps with Pets or stray animals cannot be avoided. But can surely be aided to by extending our empathy and lending a helping hand to the injured four legged.

Run by NGOs across the city, ambulances are just a call away. Equipped to heal minor injuries, these ambulances run to save lives and ask for no money in return. But by donating some money to keep these ambulances running, we can together ensure a safe commute and better infrastructure for the strays to save their lives.

Kindly note that, At Petkonnect, we don't offer any of these ambulance services, but help you get in touch with the closest NGO to assist you in the rescue. Kindly allow atleast a couple of hours for the ambulance to reach the spot, depending on the traffic conditions in the city. Occasionally, our NGO associates might request you to drop the injured animal at their suggested centres. We request and encourage you to do the same, and save a life in need.

Private Ambulance

One of the easiest way of commuting with an animal, is by calling an ambulance. While NGO run ambulances offer free aid to save the pet/stray but these take time to arrive; the private ambulances take less time to arrive and are paid services. These too, are built to carry both small as well as large pets. Whether you want to mitigate the sufferings of a wounded animal, and rush it to the nearest hospital / veterinary clinic, commute with your pet within the city, or take your pet across cities, our private ambulances are happy to help!