Hello from the Other Side!

Meet Hazel! A wonderful, happy 5 year old Havanese pup, who was loved and cared for ever since she came into our lives; until.. she met her unfailing destiny in December 2017.

Hazel has shown us the happiest days of our lives, with her affection beyond words.

Petkonnect is our dedication to Hazel, and to all those pets out there who have filled the lives of all their parents with surreal happiness and infinite love.

PetKonnect is conceived with the purpose of providing a loving, safe and sanitary environment for our beloved pets in India. We aspire to assist pet parents in easy and stress-free parenting of pets with focus on pet health and pet inclusion in our society.

To build India’s most reliable and trustworthy community of animal caregiver with measureable positive outcomes for all our paw-fect friends.

To create a legacy of trust and mutual dependability in this community of and for animal caregivers with a tangible and positive impact on the pets and animals we serve.

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